Locking Products

This article demonstrates how to create a Locking Product on the Lambda Store.

Introduction to Locking Products

Locking Products are products that are configured so that customers are unable to remove them from their cart once they have been added in by a Store Administrator. Locking Products can be useful for creating any necessary fees that customers must pay. 

Store Administrators can add Locking Products to a cart through creating a customer order on the Admin site.

Creating a Locking Product Shell

1.   On the Lambda Store admin panel, click Catalog > Products to access the Products page.

2.  On the Products page, click on the drop-down arrow beside Add Product and select Virtual Product. 

3.  Enter the Product Name in the corresponding field.


4. Your Lambda Store will automatically generate an SKU based on your product name. In necessary, you are free to manually enter another SKU. 


5.  Enter an appropriate Price for your product.


6.  Enter a sufficiently high Quantity. 


7.  Using the Visibility drop-down menu, select Not Visible Individually. This will ensure that customers will be unable to see the product in the Store.


8.  Once you are complete, click Save. 



Once you have completed creating your Product Fee shells, you can then provide the Lambda Support team with a list that can be configured into Locking Products.