Lambda Suite (v. Release Notes | February 2021

Lambda Suite (v. summary of improvements and enhancements


About This Release

The Lambda Suite is specifically designed to help you sell more eLearning, and this release is another step towards helping you maximize your revenue.

Customer Progress

For users who have been designated as a 'Company Admin,' they will be able to see the course progress of members in their company. 


My Certificates

Once a user has received a Certificate, they can log into the Store and access 'My Certificates' in their account. From here, they can download the corresponding PDF for each certificate achieved.


Added, Improved, Updated, and Resolved

  • Added a 'Show Enrolment Option' to enable/disable whether Learn users will have a button that directs them from a course they are not enrolled in to the corresponding course product page in the Store.
  • Added Onetopic course format to format a course to show each topic in a tab, keeping the current tab between calls to resources.
  • Updated the French language pack with more translations.
  • Updated the integration to Lambda Analytics (Zoola) so that 'datetime' fields in reports show in the local time of the user.
  • Resolved an issue where if a purchased course was assigned (by the assigner) to another person (the assignee), the assignee was enrolled into that course as a member of the course group of the assigner, instead of the assignee. The assignee will now be in the correct course group. 
  • Resolved an issue where if the global "Max. Quantity" setting was set to limit the quantity to one (1) for the item being purchased, the Enroll Now feature would not work for the customer.