Lambda Store (v. Release Notes | September 2020

Lambda Store (v. summary of improvements and enhancements.


About This Release Editing the "My e-Learning" Tab Information
Sort Order of Store Categories Enable/Disable "Compare Products"
Store Header Enhancements Crazyegg (/Hotjar) Integration for Analytical Support
Redirecting Customers Upon Logging In Added, Improved, Updated, and Resolved

About This Release

This release is fondly called our “fixes release”. We have focused on solving some pertinent issues on the store and in the Administrator view such that they are resolved for good! Some integral UX changes make store navigation easier and improvements and updates to plugins and extensions have created a bridge between end-customer user experience and our ability to deliver on the dual needs of our customers and theirs.

Sort Order of Store Categories

While listing product categories on the Store website, the Store Administrator might feel the need to change the order in which these categories appear to make the store interface more intuitive. This is now ensured in the Store Admin view wherein, under Catalog > Categories, the Admin has the ability to simply click and move the category names as desired. 


Store Header Enhancements

The store header went through some important changes to make sure that it can fit the requirements of different customers. The "Explore" and "Login" buttons on the store are now editable and the search box in the banner can be enabled and disabled. 


Redirecting Customers Upon Logging In

We built a set of logical flows to determine all the scenarios in which customers could log in to the store and where said customer would be redirected once logged in. The scenarios, such as login upon purchasing products, on a product page, home page, etc. were considered and, in general, login rules were changed to ensure product purchase is carried out smoothly (login after "add to cart" leads to checkout, on product page brings customer back to the product page, etc.) and store navigation is seamless.


Editing the "My e-Learning" Tab Information

The contents and headings presented in the "My e-Learning" tab are now not only editable, but can also be hidden and displayed as and when needed. All headers are modified and available for the Store Admin to decide whether it suits the requirements of their customers or not. This is a particularly important step in determining which headers may be relevant for a user base to avoid any header-related issues for their courses and timelines. 


Enable/Disable "Compare Products"

The Store Admin now has the ability to enable/disable the compare button on the store. When enabled, products can be assessed for their specifications against each other. If the Admin chooses to disable this feature, they can decide to do so, thereafter, the left-hand side column on the catalog pages does not include it. 


Crazyegg (/Hotjar) Integration for Analytical Support

We had earlier integrated Google Analytics to trace website traffic and provide details on source, location, session times, devices used etc. With Crazyegg, we have gone a step further to ensure the general intuitiveness of website analytics. The solution gives page impressions to indicate areas that are most viewed versus least viewed (this will help move pieces around on the page per the needs of customers). The free version, although for a limited time, also allows for a sufficient number of session recordings and usage snapshots (~180) to get a complete idea of what the solution provides. Customers can also enable A/B testing on their websites to produce a robust representation of their learning content. Nearly the same functionality is available with Hotjar as well and can be accessed within the free version (as opposed to  Crazyegg which, once the trial period ends, doesn’t allow access to past data).


Added, Improved, Updated, and Resolved

  • Added the "download" option on the Order Success page (instead of "go to course") for a downloadable product, which leads directly to the document(s) that are available for download within the course.
  • Added a "Return to My e-Learning" button on the course contents page to return to My e-Learning so that there is a clear option to go back to store (i.e. account) page from a course, besides the existing button to "Return to course."
  • Improved mobile store responsiveness, optimising the page format, logo sizes, spaces, and compressing and rearranging menus.
  • Improved Lambda Showcase widget with changes made to the Explore button.
  • Improved Bundled product page format to provide a cleaner UX and ensure uniformity and continuity with other product pages despite the increase in specifications on this page. 
  • Improved (yet again!) the Order Success page to ensure that the format and intuitiveness is uniform. 
  • Updated Moneris integration with an improved security to ensure safe and secure transactions.
  • Updated message upon a failed login to the store to make it more indicative of the next steps that could be taken (contacting support). 
  • Resolved "print receipt" issues and improved pricing format to parse Store price.
  • Resolved issues for setting up childstores to expand store views and functional capabilities.