Lambda Store (v. Release Notes | October 2020

Lambda Store (v. summary of improvements and enhancements.


About This Release

This was a more concise release compared to the others. We covered a few areas that were specific to issues we have been noticing, as well as upgrades and important enhancements that were pending. The purpose of this release was to be a precursor to the planned release and take the load off some features planned in the release while creating a more cohesive store experience.


"Purchase on Behalf" For Non-eLearning Products

While 'Purchase on Behalf' is an older feature, we noticed a few cases that had not been covered, specifically when considering non-eLearning products. We considered cases for Company Administrators, learners, and previous cases for the functionality. 


Learner-Friendly Failure Message

An issue with error messages, when they have appeared to learners, is that they might have been too vague for them to understand what to do next. To direct learners to a logical sequence of steps that they could follow, should they encounter errors, the error message was modified to be direct and specific for that store. 


Issuing Partial Product Credit Memos

We created a logical sequence by which, if the Store Administrator wants to issue a partial refund for an order, this can be done while applying the corresponding item refund percentage to the tax amount as well. 


Enhanced Mobile Responsiveness

We have worked on improving the mobile website experience for learners such that with the reduced real estate on mobile does not detract from the intuitive user experience. For this, we considered whitespaces and gaps, arrangement of icons, and the format for menus. The improved website now serves this purpose. 


French Language Supported

We have integrated French for the store by adding a French language pack within this release. This is, keeping in mind not only our current clients, but also future prospects and a broader range of support for those that might want to use French as their preferred language. Customers can now choose between English and French for their website. 


Added, Improved, Updated, and Resolved

  • Improved banner positioning on the Lambda Store homepage to ensure that irrespective of the dimensions of the image uploaded by the Store Administrator, the space is utilised adequately and shows no patched areas around the banner.
  • Resolved issues within the 'Buy Now' functionality while purchasing simple products.
  • Resolved Learn Connector sync error that showed an error when the H5P module was removed from an existing course. To solve this, we updated our existing store plugin to skip such activities when synchronizing courses with products.
  • Resolved a bug with missing Sales Order Items within the Sales Order email template.
  • Resolved purchase on behalf of dependency which cause the 'Go to Course' button to be absent from the Order Success page and restored its functioning.