Lambda Store (v. Release Notes | November 2020

Lambda Store (v. summary of improvements and enhancements.


About This Release

This is a precise, power-packed release that includes enhancements and inclusions through new customer inputs and improvements to ease functionality integrations across the store. The release also includes bug fixes across the store to ensure that we have a well-functioning, synchronized store. 


Product Details and FAQ on Product Page

We have added an option to include a descriptive section of product details and frequently asked questions for each product page, which can be seamlessly entered by the store administrator. Under Configuration, the store administrator has the option to enter a detailed description, as well as FAQs in a question-answer format, which is easy for both the administrator and the learner on the front end. 


Print Order Template Enhanced

We decided to tackle the intuitiveness and some functionality changes. We have added an option to include a tax name and number under your address on the template. We have also added an option to include any additional information on the receipt that might be required. The format and font sizes have also been changed to make the page structure look more palatable. 


Added, Improved, Updated, and Resolved

  • Added a French language pack for the Store.
  • Added an option to disable the welcome email so that single signing-on into the Store from a third-party application does not trigger the 'Welcome Email.'
  • Resolved issues with the price format in French locale to ensure uniformity in the format.