Lambda Store (v. Release Notes | March 2020

Lambda Store (v. summary of improvements and enhancements.


About This Release

The March version of Store releases brings to you Gift Cards, Single Sign On (more on what that is below), Mailchimp integration and Store Theme improvements. Read on to know more about how your Store has evolved!

Gift Cards

Just like eCommerce websites have discount coupons and gift cards available for customers to redeem, now, so do we. This functionality gives the Store Administrator the ability to assign gift cards to customers, which they can now redeem to make purchases on the Store. The following are some key features of gift cards:

  1. The administrator assigns card value, validity, and card number. A record of all the gift cards assigned to a specific customer are maintained in a table beneath the fields.
  2. The customer will then receive an email about the gift card and its particulars. Then, they log in to his/her account, adds the gift card number to redeem value as either account balance or at the checkout directly and uses it for purchases.

Note: If you assign a gift card as a Store Admin, a pre-filled initial code for the gift card number - first two letters of the first name and last name - is available in the field


Single Sign On (SSO)

What this feature does is to have a single point sign-in. That means that users do not need to log in through multiple web pages - into the Store and another third party app that they might be using. They can now login through a single portal, i.e., third party app, and access the Store, when the Store Admin allows that webpage/app to be a single point of sign in. 

  1. Customers can log in to the Store using third party apps. This is enabled by a Lambda extension and creates a new customer profile populating customer data into the Store after retrieving it from the third-party app, if the profile was not already created.
  2. Once signed onto the Lambda Store via third-party websites, log in and then logout with single sign on into the Store redirects to the Lambda Store or another page (if a URL is entered by the Store Admin).
  3. Single sign on functionality can be turned off and on in the Store by the Store Admin, leaving it then back to Lambda Store sign-in as usual when it is turned off.
  4. Users can log in to both Moodle and the Store from a third party application using OAuth SSO.  They do not need to single sign on from Store-Moodle.


Mailchimp Integration

Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform that offers email marketing services. This is a key feature for our store, as its many features allow us to offer functionalities to our customers that they can use as targeted marketing services for their user base. A few functionalities that Lambda customers can now use with Mailchimp are:

  1. Synchronisation of user name, email address, billing address into Mailchimp.
  2. Sending an automated email to users when an account is created on the Lambda Store website.
  3. Sending scheduled newsletters to users (that can be customised for targeted audiences).
  4. Sending an automated abandoned cart reminder email to users (45% of cart abandonment emails are opened and 50% of the users who clicked on the emails end up purchasing the products).
  5. Tracking the revenue generated from campaigns and automated emails, number of orders, targeted audience selection for specific email campaigns, campaign engagement - number of opened emails, clicked rate, added to cart rate and purchased rate.
  6. Creating triggers upon which emails are sent with a schedule for example - an email sent when a new course is subscribed to.


Store Theme

Several changes have been made to make the Store theme easily editable and more detailed with a greater variety of options, as we spoke about previously. The following theme changes were made on to the Store:

  1. The Store Administrator can add the logo of the company, search the store for courses.
  2. For users, while exploring the courses, any sub-categories will be visible. 
  3. The Store Administrator can add/change the background image in the banners, subscribe to emails and alerts.
  4. The mission statement in the bottom banner can be modified by the Administrator to change its size (for longer ones).
  5. Company website link, social media links, and contact information can be easily added by the Administrator.
  6. Colour and font can be changed for all the buttons.
  7. The “Join for free” button, next to the login button, is now editable. Its text can now be changed to read whatever the Administrator finds useful.


Added, Improved, and Updated

STORE THEME: Some changes were made in the Store Theme to ensure that all the added features and functionality work well on the Store.

  • The menu does not expand to the right side to show a submenu, unless a submenu is available.
  • Social media links open up in a new tab rather than opening on the same page.
  • Error in synchronising with Lambda Learn removed - Changes made on Lambda Learn for courses, categories and seminars, were showing an error when an attempt was made to synchronise them to Lambda Store. This sync error meant that any changes on Learn would not reflect on the Store and we got this removed to ensure a smooth synchronisation process for the Store Admin.