Lambda Store (v. Release Notes | August 2020

Lambda Store (v. summary of improvements and enhancements.


About This Release

In this release, we focus on pertinent customer issues, user experience fixes and internal efficiency. The release is a quick update to the previous one, and a base upon which the following releases will be modelled. 

Store Login Redirect

A setting has been created on the Store to ensure that the Store Administrator can determine where a user will be redirected once they log in to the store. The purpose of this is to ensure a seamless customer experience while navigating the store and purchasing products.

Note: The Store Admin can now set whether the customer will be redirected to their "My Account" page or remain on the original page upon successful log in. 


Store-LMS Link for Course Status

When the user's enrolment is set to "suspended" in the LMS, then the course will no longer be accessible to the user in the Store.


Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Pay

Using Stripe, customers can streamline the checkout process for their users by adding Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Pay as a payment option to their shopping cart. 

Note: The browser and operating system determine whether it is Apply Pay, Google Pay, or Microsoft Pay that appear as a payment option for the user. 


Store Theme

In this release, we took special care to ensure the user experience within the Store is frictionless and a big part of that is the Store theme. From a revenue standpoint, product pages and their ease of use potentially impact sales the most and to ensure that they are intuitive, we reworked the flow for some pages. 

  1. Configurable and Grouped product pages revamped to look cleaner and make the details appear sequentially on the page
  2. Bundled product pages reworked as well, with the components of the bundle and the amount fields appearing in order to ensure all product pages are in line with the same format.


Added, Improved, Updated, and Resolved

  • Enhanced logging for the Bulk Purchase feature to ensure any errors or interruptions in bulk purchase situations are recorded.
  • Enhanced with “heartbeat” capabilities to better monitor specific features of the Store and LMS.
  • Improved Single sign-on (SSO) with additional options including:
    • Support for the Customer to configure an external "Create Account" page (i.e., so that if a user clicks "Create Account" on the user is directed to
    • Support to send authenticated users from another website directly to product pages and have them be automatically authenticated in the Store website at the same time.
    • A redesign of the experience; if a user ends up on (maybe from Google), adds products to their cart and tries to proceed to checkout. The user will be presented with an option to login (which will use single sign-on) or to create an account.
  • Resolved issues with showing decimals in numbers on product pages and in the catalog.