Label Resource

This article demonstrates how to add Labels to your course page.

Introduction to Labels

The Label resource allows you to insert text and multimedia into a course page between links to other resources and activities.

Labels can be used to split up activities with a subheading or an image, display an embedded sound file or video directly onto the course page, or even add a short description to a course section. 

Adding a Label

1.  On your desired course homepage, click the Turn Editing On button.


2.  Create or select an appropriate Activity block, and click the 'Add an activity or resource' link.


3.  Select the Label option from the Resource section and click Add at the bottom of the page.

4.  Using the Text Editor, enter the contents of your label. 

To enter HTML code into your label, click on the  HTML button. Once you are complete, click on the HTML button again, and you can add any additional text.


5.  Expand the Common Module Settings section, and ensure that the Visible drop-down menu is set to Show.


6.  Expand the Restrict Access section. If necessary, select an appropriate category to restrict your SCORM activity by, and configure its corresponding settings.


Configuring the Restrict Access section can help direct learning in your course.

For example, you can restrict activities to ensure that learners complete 'prerequisite' activities beforehand.

You can also restrict resources based on passing grades, so that learners who did not pass a certain quiz or assignment can receive extra resources.

7.  Expand the Activity Completion section. 

Completion Tracking: Allows you to determine how activity completion is tracked for your assignment through using the corresponding drop-down menu. For labels, we recommend that you select 'Do Not Indicate Activity Completion.'


8.  Once you are complete, click either Save and Return to Course or Save and Display.