Kaltura Assignment

A feature-rich Moodle plugin that integrates Kaltura's powerful media capabilities into the assignment workflow, allowing students to submit and review multimedia assignments seamlessly within the Moodle platform.

Kaltura Media Gallery

An interactive Moodle plugin that enables users to create and showcase media-rich galleries, providing a centralized platform for organizing, sharing, and browsing a wide range of Kaltura media content within the Moodle environment.

Kaltura package libraries

A convenient Moodle plugin that extends the Kaltura integration by providing additional libraries and resources for seamless packaging, uploading, and managing media content within the Kaltura platform.

Kaltura Presentation

A versatile Moodle plugin that empowers users to create and deliver engaging multimedia presentations using Kaltura's powerful media capabilities, enhancing the interactive learning experience within the Moodle platform.

TinyMCE Kaltura Media

An efficient Moodle plugin that integrates the Kaltura media platform into the TinyMCE text editor, allowing easy embedding and management of Kaltura videos and multimedia content within Moodle.

Kalvidres (Kaltura)

A comprehensive Moodle plugin that seamlessly integrates Kaltura's robust video management capabilities, allowing users to upload, manage, and display video content within Moodle courses, enhancing the multimedia learning experience.

Kaltura Filters

A comprehensive Moodle plugin that integrates Kaltura's robust media filtering and embedding capabilities, enhancing the multimedia experience by seamlessly embedding and filtering Kaltura media content within Moodle activities and resources.