Introduction to the Basic Set-Up Series

The Basic Set-Up series is designed to help you get your site set-up quickly. To do this we will focus on the five key areas of Lambda Learn to get you started: site settings, managing users, course creation, managing content & course completion.

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    Lambda Learn is built on feature-rich and powerful open Learning Management platforms: Moodle and Totara LMS. Which underlying platform your flavour of Lambda Learn LMS is depends on the needs that were determined by you and your Customer Success Executive.

    Moodle is primarily built to suit the needs of academic (K12 & post-secondary) institutions. Totara, while fundamentally Moodle, has additional functionality designed for more complex organizational structures of businesses and corporate training.

    This series is designed to give you the fundamental knowledge of setting up and managing your Lambda Learn LMS.  As the LMS implementation may seem daunting at first, we have broken the process into four areas for your consideration. Each topic area will require your input depending on the requirements of your specific organization and the purpose of your learning environment. Each topic article covers general but key implementation settings for you to decide and configure.



    Before Your Begin

    Empower yourself with the following Essential Skills for Effective LMS Management


    If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Moodle, check out Lambda Learn (Moodle) 3.9 Release Notes.

    support-img Sign in to our Lambda Solutions HelpDesk and talk to our Customer Support Team. 


    Feature-Image-1500x1500-Analyze-Lighbulb LOOKING FOR MORE?

    Our eLearning industry experts have put together other resources to offer you more advice, best-practices, and how-to guides: