In-Store Pickup

This article discusses the In-Store Pickup option available for customers on the Store.


Introduction to In-Store Pickup

 When selling physical, simple products on your store, customers can be given the option of selecting In-Store Pickup if they are located within a specific radius of your storefront location. 


If you would like to set up In-Store Pickup, please contact the Lambda Support team.

When setting up the In-Store Pickup option, you will need to provide the following information:

  • The address(es) of your store location(s). If you have multiple regional locations, you can configure different inventory sources for customers to pick up from. 
  • The physical inventory source [locations] and corresponding virtual inventory stocks applicable to your store site.
  • The in-store pickup price that you may want to charge customers. 
  • The distance radius that customers must be located within for the in-store pickup option to be available. 

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Managing Inventory Sources for Products


This section will focus on the basics of editing simple products. Click here to learn more about creating and editing simple products. 

1.  On the Lambda Store admin panel, click Catalog > Products to access the Products page.

2.  Find the product that you would like to manage inventory sources for, and click on the corresponding Edit link.

3.  Under the Sources section, click Assign Sources.


4.  Select your desired source from the list, and click Done.

5.  After having selected your source, configure the following settings.

Source Item Status: Select whether your product is In Stock or Out of Stock for the corresponding source.

Quantity: Enter the corresponding product stock quantity.

Notify Quantity: If you would like to be notified about the product stock running below a specific quantity, uncheck Use Default and enter a new quantity. The default setting is "1."

Unassign: If you would like to unassign a product from a particular inventory source (for example, the "Default" source), then click on the corresponding Unassign Link. 


6.  Once you are complete, click Save. 



Once you have established your inventory sources and stocks, click here to learn more about processing store orders and shipments.

Additionally, click here to learn more about coordinating in-store pickups with your customers.

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