Creating Gift Cards for Customers

This article focuses on creating gift cards for customers of your Lambda Store website.


Introduction to Gift Cards

Gift Cards can be created and given to individual customers for them to use when purchasing products from your store.

When creating gift cards, store administrators can determine:

  • The code that customers must input when buying the products
  • The amount that customers can spend in the store
  • The valid from and valid to dates.

The Creating Gift Card Form page also lists any previous gift cards that you have issued to the selected customer.


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Creating a Gift Card

1.  On the Lambda Store Admin panel, go to Customers > All Customers to access the 'All Customers' page. 

2.  Find your desired customer on the grid, and click on their corresponding 'Edit' link under the Action column. 


3.  On the 'Customer Information' menu, click on Gift Cards. This will direct you to the 'Creating Gift Card Form' page.

4. The Gift Card Number is the code that you will provide to customers so that they can redeem their gift card. The system automatically generates a gift card number for you based on the customer's initials, which you can use.


However, each gift card must have a unique gift card number, and while the system may generate the same code, you must edit it (by adding a number or a unique character) so that it is unique. 


However, you can also replace this with a unique gift card number.


5.  Input the gift card amount in the 'Gift Card Value' field.


6.  If necessary, you can also include a 'Valid From...' and 'Valid Till...' dates for your gift card by clicking on the calendar icon calendaricon and selecting an appropriate date range. 


7.  Once you are complete, click Assign Gift Card at the bottom of the page. 


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Using Gift Cards

Once a gift card has been assigned to a customer, they can use it for any purchase that they make on your store.

1.  After adding all desired products, click Proceed to Checkout.

2.  Under Payment Method, expand the Apply Gift Card section.

3.  Enter the specific gift card number, and click Apply Gift Card.


4.  If the gift card number is valid, then the new cart total displayed will reflect the amount taken off by the gift card.


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