Creating a Grouped Product

This article focuses on creating and adding a grouped product to your Lambda Store website.

Grouped Product Overview

A grouped product is a group of simple, standalone products, which can be grouped by type or theme. Doing so can incentivize customers to purchase additional items. In the shopping cart, each product in the group is presented as a separate item. 

important  NOTE

Configurable products cannot be included into grouped products. However, they can be included in bundle products instead. 

Creating a Grouped Product

1.  On the Lambda Store admin panel, click Catalog > Products to access the Products page. 

2.  On the products page, click on the drop down arrow beside Add Product and select Grouped Product. 


3.  Enter the Product Name in the corresponding field.


4.  Your Lambda Store will automatically generate an SKU based on your product name. In necessary, you are free to manually enter another SKU. 


5.  Set your product as 'In Stock' to show that it is available for sale on the website. When the quantity is empty or zero, the stock status defaults to out of stock. 


important-Mar-24-2021-07-40-19-37-PM  NOTE

If you have your Inventory Settings turned off, then you do not need to configure your course's Quantity and Stock Status settings. 

6.  In the corresponding drop-down menu, select the categories applicable to your product and click Done. If you would like to create a new category for your product, click the New Category button. 


7.  Scroll down and expand the Grouped Products section, and click Add Products to Group.

8.  In the grid, select the items that you would like to include in your group through clicking corresponding the checkboxes. You can use filters to search for products. Then, click Add Selected Products.

Enter the Default Quantity for your selected products under the default quantity column. You can adjust each product's position by entering the number under the Position column. This can also be done by dragging the dragbutton button at the front. 

To remove a product, click on Remove under the actions column. To add more products to an existing grouped product, click Add Products to Group.


9.  Scroll down and expand the Enrolment Settings section. This section is mandatory for all products, allows you to determine the enrolment dates for courses and virtual products. 

10.  Expand the Enrolment Start section. 

Because grouped products often have no enrolment dates, you can select Open on the Start Type drop-down menu. 


11.  Expand the Enrolment End section, and select Unlimited on the End Type drop-down menu.


12.  Once you are complete, click Save.


Preview your product from the Customer View on the Admin menu on the top-right corner of the page to ensure that your product page is entirely ready.