Create a Bundle Product

This article focuses on creating and adding a bundle product your Lambda Store website.

A bundle product allows customers to build their own product from an assortment of options. The bundle could be a combination of textbooks, webinars, or anything that can be customized. Bundled products incentivize customers to purchase packaged products. 

important  NOTE

Unlike grouped products, configurable products can be included under a bundle product. 

Step 1: Choose the Product Type

1.  On the Lambda Store Admin panel, click Catalog > Products to access the Products page.

2.  On the products page, click on the drop down arrow beside Add Product and select Bundle Product. 


Step 2: Use the Basic Tools and Complete the Required Settings

The required settings are fields marked with asterisks *. You must complete these in order to publish your product.

Disable your product: Initially set Enabled Product to No before you are ready to publish it.

Attribute: Keep the Attribute Set to Default, or select a set if necessary.

Name: Enter the product name.

SKU: First, set the Dynamic SKU to Yes or No.

      • Clicking Yes: Allows a dynamic SKU to be assigned to each bundle item, which adds a suffix to the default SKU.
      • Clicking No: Allows a unique SKU to be assigned to each bundle item.

Price: First, set the Dynamic Price to Yes or No.

      • Clicking Yes: Allows the customer to select pricing options for each bundle. This disables the Price and Tax Class fields in the required settings.
      • Clicking No: Allows the bundle to be sold under a fixed price, which must be entered in the price field. 

Step 3: Complete the Basic Settings

Stock Status: Set your product as In Stock to show that it is available for sale on the website. When the quantity is empty or zero, the stock status defaults to out of stock. 

Weight: First, set the Dynamic Weight to Yes or No. 

      • Clicking Yes: Allows the customer to choose their weight options based on their desired combination. This disables the Weight field in the required settings.
      • Clicking No: Allows the bundle to have a fixed weight, which must be entered in the weight field.

Visibility: The default visibility setting, 'Catalog, Search', allows the product to be accessed through viewing the catalog or using the search panel.

Categories: In the drop down menu, select the categories applicable to your product and click Done. If you would like to create a new category for your product, click the New Category button. 

Country of Manufacture: Select the country which manufactured your product.

Step 4: Add Products to Your Bundle

1.  Scroll down and expand the Bundle Items section.

2.  Select to either ship items Together or Separate.

3.  Click on Add Options to add products. 


4.  Enter an Option Title.

5.  Select the Input Type: Drop-down, Radio buttons, Checkbox, or Multiple Select.

6.  Click Add Products to Options to create a selectable option for your bundle.


7.  Select the products you would like to include in this option, and click Add Selected Products.


8.  Choose an item to be the default selection and select its corresponding "Is Default" box.

9.  Input the Default Quantity of a product, which will appear in the quantity field when the option is selected.

10.  If you would like to give customers the option to change the quantity of a bundle item, check the User Defined checkbox.


11.  If you would like to delete an item, click on its corresponding trash icon.

12.  If you would like to add more items to an existing option, click Add Products to Option.

14.  If you would like to add more options to your bundle, click Add Option.

Step 5: Enrollment Dates

1.  Scroll down and expand the Enrollment Settings section. This section is mandatory for all products, allows you to determine the enrollment dates for courses and virtual products. 

2.  Expand the Enrollment Start section. 

Because bundle products often have no enrollment dates, you can select Open on the Start Type drop-down menu. 


3.  Expand the Enrollment End section, and select Unlimited on the End Type drop-down menu.


Step 6: Publish Your Product

Enable: Once your product is ready to be published, ensure that your product is enabled.

Save: Make sure that you have saved your product.

Preview: Preview your product from the Customer View on the Admin menu on the top-right corner of the page to ensure that your product page is entirely ready.