Create a "Manual Completion By Others" Condition

In some cases, you may need a teacher's approval before a learner can complete a course. This article guides you on how to set this up in a course.

STEP 1: Selecting a Role to Manually "Complete" Users

1.  To start, go to your course, then Course Administration > Course Completion.

2.  Then, under "Condition: Manual completion by others", choose from the list of available roles. By default, you should see "Non-editing teacher", "Teacher", and "Manager". 

3.  You can select one or more of these roles to be the user that need to manually check the user off as complete. You can also choose any or all of these roles to mark off the user if you require multiple confirmations.

4.  When you are done, click "Save Changes".

STEP 2: Assigning a Teacher or Manager to a Course

1.  To assign a role that can manually complete other users in a course, start by going to Course Administration > Users > Enrolled Users.

2.  Then, under the roles column, find the user you wish to assign as a Teacher or Manager, and click the edit icon beside their current role. This will open a drop-down menu where you can select the role you wish to assign.

3.  Click "Teacher" (for this example), and then click the Save icon next to the drop-down menu. This course now has a role that can manually complete users.


You can add the "Course Completion Status" block to the course page to show users what the requirements are to complete the course.

For teachers or managers, they can click the "View course report" in that block, which directs them to the "Course completion" report in the course. From here, they will see a column in the criteria group that says "Approval". 

For the Course Completion Report, they can check the box off for learners that have met the manual completion requirements. 

Once all course completion conditions have been met, a learner will then be considered complete in the course.