Course Format


Mix and match layouts to create unique and visually appealing course designs.

Buttons Course Format

A visually engaging plugin that transforms the course layout into a button-based format, providing intuitive navigation and enhancing the user experience within your LMS.

Course Grid Format 

A visually appealing plugin that presents courses in a grid-based layout, offering an organized and customizable display of course cards for easy navigation and enhanced user experience within your LMS.

Flexible sections format

Allows for customizable and adaptable course sections organization.

Edwiser Format (Subscription might be required)

A flexible Moodle plugin that offers a visually appealing course format with customizable layouts, providing an enhanced learning experience and improved course organization options.

Course templates

A time-saving plugin that provides pre-designed course templates with predefined structures, layouts, and resources, enabling quick course creation and standardization within your LMS.

oEmbed Filter

A handy Moodle plugin that extends the content embedding capabilities by providing support for oEmbed-enabled websites, allowing easy embedding of external multimedia content within Moodle courses.