Course Extensions

This article demonstrates how to add and manage Course Extensions to your virtual products on the Lambda Store.



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Creating a Course Extension

important-Mar-24-2021-07-40-19-37-PM  NOTE  

This article will focus on the basics of creating a virtual product, and only highlights the necessary settings for course extensions. Click here to learn more about creating a virtual product. 

1.  On the Lambda Store Admin panel, click Catalog > Products to access the Products page. 

2.  On the products page, find your desired virtual product and click on Edit.

3.  Enter the Product Name in the corresponding field.


4.  Enter an appropriate Price for your product.


5.  Scroll down and expand the Course Extensions section. Then, enable the Is Course Extension Enabled setting.


Enter the number of times an extension can be purchased using the corresponding drop-down menu.


Select which Course Status a learner must achieve before being able to purchase the course extension. To select multiple statuses, hold down the Control Key and click each status. 


Determine when your course extension can be purchased by a learner, and whether it can occur N days before [the course] enrolment end date, or N days after [the course] enrolment end date. Then, enter this value in the corresponding field. 


6.  Then, under Course Extensions click Add.

Enter a title and a duration for your first course extension. Then, enter an appropriate price. You can create as many course extensions as necessary by clicking Add.


7.  Once you are complete, click Save. 


You can preview your product from the Customer View on the Admin menu on the top-right corner of the page to ensure that your product page is entirely ready.

Once a customer has enrolled in a course and requires an extension, they can navigate back to the original course page on the Store, and will be offered to purchase an extension instead.



Want to learn more about creating special Contract Code pricing for your Course Extensions? Click here for more information. 

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Managing Course Extensions

Instructors can view and manage which learners have purchased course extensions under the Enrolled Users list on the course homepage. This can help them keep track of learners that may need assignment extensions or exam retakes, and manage these activities accordingly.

1.  On the course homepage, navigate to Users > Enrolled Users using the Course Administration menu. You can then view all of the users enrolled in your course.

2.  While viewing a list of all of the learners enrolled in your course, you can view which learners have purchased a course extension under Enrolment Methods.

These learners will have "until [extension end date]" listed as an enrolment date. This extension end date will correspond with the extension length that the learner has purchased.


3.  To change a learner's enrolment dates, click on the corresponding Settings icon under Enrolment Methods and change the Enrolment Starts or Enrolment Ends dates using the corresponding drop-down menus and click Save Changes.

This can be helpful if a learner's enrolment end date has surpassed the course extension restrictions, and they would still like to purchase an extension from the Store. 


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