Course Catalogue Configuration (Totara)

This article focuses on configuring how users interact with your course catalogue.


Course Catalogue

The course catalogue is a useful navigational tool that allows users to view, search, and filter for courses, programs, and certifications offered by the system. 

Each course, program, and certification within the course catalogue is represented by a tile. By default, each tile or item contains the full name of the learning item and an image.

As a site administrator, you can configure how users can interact with the catalogue, and how it displays information. 

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Configuring the Course Catalogue 

1.  Go to Site Administration > Courses > Configure Catalogue. 


2.  The 'Configure Course' page has five different tabs to edit. 


content-1  Contents Tab

On the 'Contents' tab, you can specify which learning type (courses, programs, certifications) should be included in the course catalogue by selecting their corresponding checkboxes. 


Once you have configured your contents, you can click Save at the bottom of the page. 


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display  General Tab

On the 'General' tab, you can configure the course catalogue's overall display options. 

View options: Allows you to specify how you would like users to be able view the catalogue. 


Items per 'load more': Allows you to determine how many learning items should be displayed before the 'Load more' option appears at the bottom of the catalogue. 


Browse menu: Allows you to define which field is displayed at the top-left of the catalogue when browsing catalogue items. 

Category: Shows items by category.

None: Removes the browse option entirely.

Activity Type (Custom): Shows items containing a specific activity type.

Course Type (Custom): Shows items by course type (i.e., eLearning, Blended, or Online).

Format (Custom): Shows items based on course format.

Learning Type (Custom): Shows items based on their categorization into courses, programs, or certifications.

Tags (Custom): Shows items based on tags.


Featured Learning: Allows you to highlight specific items within the catalogue. 


Once you have configured your contents, you can click Save at the bottom of the page. 


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template  Template Tab

On the 'Template' tab, you can configure the layout and content shown within the tiles that display the learning items, and the layout and content shown when viewing the details of a learning item. 

Image: Allows you to enable showing the course, program, or certification image within the catalogue. 


Hero Data Type: Allows you to specify the information that you would like to draw the user's attention to through visual emphasis. 

None: Does not display any hero data.

Text: Adds text based on content, such as tags or course type description, to each catalogue item.

Icon: Adds image-based content, such as course icons or course type icons, to each catalogue item. 


Description: Allows you to add a short, descriptive summary to appear on the centre of the item tile.


Additional Text Placeholders: Allows you to add additional text-based information to the item tile. You can select from 0 to 5 items to be displayed.


Icon Placeholders: Allows you to add icon-based information for each learning type. 


Progress Bar: Allows you to add a completion progress bar to appropriate learning items. 


Once you have configured your contents, you can click Save at the bottom of the page.


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shopping-items  Item Tab

On the 'Item' tab, you can specify the source of the information being displayed for each learning item in both the Tile and List views, as set within the 'Template' tab. 

Title: Allows you to choose whether to display the full name or short name for each enabled learning type. 


Hero Data: Allows you to select the text- or icon-based source of the hero data for each enabled learning type. 


Description: If enabled in the 'Template' tab, allows you to select the source for the description for each learning type. 


Additional Text Field(s): Allows you to add text-based information regarding each enabled learning type to their corresponding item tiles. 


Icon Sources: If enabled in the 'Template' tab, allows you to choose which icons to display within the item tiles. 


Once you have configured your contents, you can click Save at the bottom of the page.


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filter-2  Filters Tab

On the 'Filters' tab, you can specify the available filters that users can use to restrict which learning items are displayed within the catalogue. 

Filters can include: Activity type, category, course type, format, learning type, tags, menu of choices, check field, and multi-select custom fields. 

To add another filter to the pre-existing list, select your desired type from the 'Add Another...' drop-down menu. 


Use the 'Filter Heading' field to create a custom title for your filter. 


Use the up and down arrows arrowbuttons to change the filter display order down the left-hand side of the screen. Use the delete icon deletebutton to remove the filter from the catalogue. 


Once you have configured your filters, you can click Save at the bottom of the page.


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