Configuring the "Purchase in Bulk" Capability for Company Administrators (Internal)

This article demonstrates how to restrict the 'Purchase on Behalf of Others' capability to company administrators in the Lambda Suite.

When initially configured, all customers on your Lambda Suite will have the ability to 'purchase on behalf of others' and buy products in bulk. However, this function may be unnecessary, and even confusing, for customers that do not have a management role.

Thus, this capability can be restricted by a store administrator to ensure that only company administrators can 'purchase on behalf of others' and buy products in bulk. 

For more information on configuring this capability to better suit your needs, please contact our Lambda Implementation Specialist or Lambda Support Team. 

Configuring the "Purchase in Bulk" Capability 

1.  On the Lambda Store Admin panel, click Stores > Configuration to access the Configuration page.

2.  Using the side-panel menu, scroll down and expand the Lambda section, and click on Bulk Course Settings. 

3.  Expand the 'Purchase on behalf of other students' section.

4.  On the Enabled drop-down menu, select 'On for Company Admins.'


5.  Once you are complete, click Save Config on the upper-right corner of the page.