Company Management (Store Administrator)

This article focuses on creating and managing companies from a store administrator's perspective.


Introduction to Managing Companies

Creating companies on your Lambda Store website is a way of organizing and managing customers. Companies and sub-companies can be created to reflect the structure of a real business. Within this structure, there are company administrators in charge of managing customers and creating sub-companies, and then there are regular company members. 

This differs from groups, which do not have an internal structure. Instead, they are most often used for grouping customers, assigning tax classes, and assigning promotions. A new group is automatically generated when a new company is created.

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Managing Companies as a Store Administrator

clipboard  List of Companies

On the Lambda Store admin panel, click Customers > Companies to access the Companies page.

Here, you can see the basic information of companies that have been created. listofcompanies

plus  Create a Company

1.  On the Lambda Store admin panel, click Customers > Companies to access the Companies page. 

2.  Click Add New Company to open up the New Company page.

3.  Scroll down and expand the Parent Company section. Select either Top or 'Pre-existing Company.'

Top: Lists the company as a parent company.

'Pre-existing Company': Lists the company as a sub-company of a pre-existing parent company. 


4.  Scroll down and expand the Profile section, and configure the following settings.

New Company: Enter a unique Company Name. 

Status: Using the Status drop-down menu, select Active. Then, click Change Status when asked for your confirmation. 


Using the corresponding fields, complete the company's street address and contact information.

5.  Once you are complete, click Save. 


edit  Edit a Company

1.  On the Lambda Store admin panel, click Customers > Companies to access the Companies page. 

2.  Look for the desired company on the grid and click Edit under the Actions column.


3.  Make necessary modifications on the company's profile.

4.  If you would like to delete the company, you can click Delete Company on the header menu of the company editing page.

5.  Once you are complete, click Save. 


task  Assign a Customer to a Company

1.  On the Lambda Store admin panel, click Customers > All Customers to access the Customers page.

2.  Look for the desired customer(s) on the grid, and select the checkbox in the first column.


3.  Set the Actions control to Assign to Company.

4.  Select the company that you would like to add the customer to.


5.  When asked to confirm, click OK. The customer is now a company member of 'Mimas Marketing,' so they are eligible to receive benefits and notifications from the company. 

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Group & Company Visibility

important-Mar-24-2021-07-40-19-37-PM  NOTE

This feature is only available for clients under the Grow or Scale plans. 

When selling products to a wide customer base, company membership can be enabled and used to restrict product visibility. This can ensure that products and courses tailored to specific fields are being purchased by the right customers. 

To add company visibility and restrictions to your products:

1.  Contact the Lambda Support team to ensure that the Product Visibility Setting is enabled, and that any new companies are added to the Registration page. 

2.  On the Lambda Store admin panel, click Catalog > Products to access the Products page. 

3.  Find your desired product on the grid, and click Edit in the Action column.

4.  Scroll down and expand the Visibility by Groups/Companies section. 

Set Product is Visible to Everyone to No. Then, select which groups and companies can see your product. 


5.  Once you are complete, click Save. 


Your product listing will still be visible to all customers in the store. However, like Locked Products, only specified company members can view the full product page or add it to their cart. 

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Company Administrators

Store administrators are operating at the admin panel of your Lambda Store. They can create and manage all existing companies, company members, and store customers. 

Company administrators are different in that they are only operating at the storefront end of your store. They can only manage their own companies and sub-companies. They can also upload customers to their companies through CSV upload. 

role  The Role of Company Administrators

Company administrators can manage members of their company, and assign administrators for the sub-companies. However, they do not have access to other companies which are above or on the same level as their parent company.

For example, Titan Technologies is the parent company of Europa Finance. Company administrators from Titan Technologies can manage their own employees and Europa Finance's administrators and employees. But, Europa Finance's administrators can neither access the information or manage Titan Technologies' employees. 

However, company administrators from Titan Technologies cannot manage a different company. 

task  Assigning a Company Administrator (as a Store Administrator)

1.  On the Lambda Store admin panel, click Customers > All Customers to access the Customers page. 

2.  Find the desired customer whom you would like to assign as the company administrator, and click Edit under the Actions column. 

3.  On the side panel, click Account Information.

4.  Scroll down to the Company field and select the company from the drop down menu.

5.  Set 'Is Admin' to Yes. This will enable the person to be the company admin. 


6.  Once you are complete, click Save Customer.

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