Clearing Your Browser's Cache

Microsoft Edge

1.  Click on "Tools" > Select "Internet Options."

2.  Under Browsing History, click "Delete."

3.  Click "Delete All" at the bottom.

4.  Check the box in the window that pops up that says "Also delete files and settings stored by add-ons."

5.  Click "Yes". Once it finishes, close down all Microsoft Edge windows and restart the browser.

Mozilla Firefox

1.  Click "Tools."

2.  Select "Clear all Private Data."

3.  Make sure "Browsing history, cache, and cookies" are checked.

4.  Click "Clear private data now". Then, close down all open Firefox windows and restart it.


1.  Open Safari.

2.  From the Safari menu, choose "Empty Cache" (Safari > Empty Cache).

3.  In the warning dialog that appears, click on "Empty."

4.  Visit your site again or reload the page in Safari.