Assisted Shopping (Store Administrator)

This article demonstrates how to create a customer order from the Store Administrator account.


Customer Order Overview

Store Administrators can create orders on the Lambda Store admin panel for customers who may need assistance when ordering products. This can be helpful for customers who are running into technical difficulties during the ordering process, such as searching for products that they cannot find. 

Creating a Customer Order can also allow you to give the customers a customized price, and help them manage their payment and shipping methods.

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Step 1: Creating an Order and Selecting the Customer

1.  On the Lambda Store admin panel, navigate to Customers > All Customers.

2.  Find the customer that you would like to create the order for, and click on their corresponding Edit link to navigate to their Customer Page.


3.  On the Customer Page, click on Create Order.


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Step 2: Adding Products to a Customer Order

1.  Select the Order Currency that the customer is using to pay for the product using the corresponding drop-down menu. 


2.  If there are existing products in the customer's shopping cart, you can view them under the customer's Activities section.

You can add shopping cart products by clicking on the corresponding Add checkbox. You can also remove shopping cart products by clicking on the corresponding Trash checkbox.


Once you are complete, click Update Changes.


3.  If there are no existing products in the customer's shopping cart, you can click Add Products to manually add products into their cart. You can also use this option to add additional products to a customer's order.


4.  Select each product's corresponding checkbox under the Select column, and click Add Selected Product(s) to Order to update the list. 

For products that require configuration, click Configure, complete the necessary options, and click OK. 



Once you have completed this step, all of the products that you have added will be visible in the customer's shopping cart. You can then ask the customer to log into their account and finish the transaction.

However, if you would like to add special pricing and complete the transaction for them, continue to Step 3. 

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Step 3: Items Ordered Section

In the Items Ordered section, you can see the list of products that have been added to the order. This page acts as a shopping cart that allows the Store Administrator to do the following tasks:

1.  You can enter a coupon code in the corresponding field, and click the Arrow icon to apply the discount to the order.


2.  You can select the Custom Price checkbox of an individual item, and enter a new price in the pop-up field.


3.  You can remove a product from the list, or return it to the Shopping Cart, by clicking on the drop-down menu under the Action column and selecting the corresponding task. 


4.  Once you are complete, you can click Update Items and Quantities. This updates the modifications that you have made for the order.


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Step 4: Account and Address Information

In the Account Information section, you can view and modify the customer's group and email address. 


In the Address Information section, you can view and modify the customer's billing and shipping addresses. 

Billing Address: You can Select an Existing Address from the corresponding drop-down menu.


Shipping Address: You can deselect the Same as Billing Address checkbox to edit these fields.


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Step 5: Payment and Shipping Methods

In the Payment & Shipping Methods section, you can view and modify the customer's payment and shipping methods. 

The customer can pay for their order through a check/money order, client invoice, or by using a credit card. You can help edit that information under Payment Method. 

To add a shipping method, click Get shipping methods and rate and select the shipping method/rate you are using. After you have selected a method, it will show you the shipping rate. You can switch the shipping method by click on Click to change the shipping method. 


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Step 6: Finalizing and Submitting Your Order

In the Order Total section, you can make notes for your order, and view the final subtotal.


You can choose to send an Order Confirmation to the customer through selecting the corresponding checkbox. You can also attach a comment to the order confirmation by selecting the Append Comment checkbox. 


Once you are complete, click Submit Order. 


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