Amazon Hosting Platform FAQs

Here is some information for our clients on the AWS (Amazon Web Services) managed hosting solution by Lambda.

How are automated course backups handled?

The automated course backup process was optimize by Lambda to avoid large impacts to site performance. To accomplish this Lambda has moved to managing the settings for the automated course backups and the times when the process will run.

The settings used for all the automated course backups are based on recommendations and are as follows:

  • Course automated backups are enabled
  • Course backups will be made daily (7 Days a week)
  • Course automated backups will be run by Lambda once per day at a specified time
  • If no changes to the course have been made since the last backup, the backup will remain unchanged

Note: Moodle / Totara regular functionality for when a course is deleted is unchanged and will result in the backup file being deleted if/when a course is deleted. In other words the backup files are connected to a course and deleting a course will result in the backup being lost.

How often are site backups made and stored for?

Full site backups are made daily and stored for 7 days in a different data center than the production site.

Are core code changes permitted?

Because the AWS platform use features such as auto-scaling, in addition, pooled resources on a common environment core code changes and access to Moodle/Totara's application code is not possible on the production environment as this poses a security risk for all clients on that infrastructure.

Can Firewalls be used?

The AWS platform used by Lambda utilizes dynamic auto-scaling and as a result does not have static IP addresses that can be hard-coded in your firewall settings to allow connections. Check with your network administrator to see if your firewall has DNS handling capabilities.

Where is the data stored?

Some organizations have policies or are bound by regulation to have the data of their learners, staff, and/or users reside on specific geographic locations. The AWS hosting location used by Lambda Solutions can be within Canada or the United States. Lambda Solutions recommends checking to see if you are eligible to have your data reside within this area.