Admin Tools 

Logstore xAPI (Subscription might be required)

A powerful Moodle plugin that integrates the xAPI (Experience API) standard, allowing for the collection and tracking of rich learning data, enabling advanced analytics and reporting capabilities for comprehensive learning insights.

Respondus 4.0 Web Services (Subscription might be required)

A robust Moodle plugin that integrates with Respondus 4.0, allowing seamless integration of content created in Respondus with Moodle courses, streamlining the assessment creation and management process.

Course Recompletion

A helpful Moodle plugin that allows users to manually reset and re-completing a course, enabling them to revisit and complete course activities and assessments.

Category Duplicate

A convenient Moodle plugin that enables administrators to duplicate categories and their associated courses, simplifying the process of creating similar course structures within Moodle.

Contact Form

A user-friendly Moodle plugin that allows students to easily send messages and inquiries to instructors or site administrators through a customizable contact form.

Open LMS utilities

A collection of essential Moodle plugins developed by Open LMS, offering additional functionality and tools to enhance the Moodle experience for administrators, instructors, and learners.

Cohort Role Synchronization

A handy Moodle plugin that ensures consistent role assignments across cohorts, simplifying administration and maintaining role consistency throughout the platform.

Profile Field Based Cohort

A powerful Moodle plugin that automatically assigns users to cohorts based on specific profile field values, facilitating targeted communication and personalized learning experiences.