Adding Other Products to Your Lambda Store

This article focuses on adding other products, such as books or webinars, into your Lambda Store website.


Navigating the Products Page

All products are accessible from the Products page. This is the page where you can prepare your courses for sale, and create and edit different products. There are multiple tools on the products page that enable you to efficiently manage your courses and products.

On the Lambda Store admin panel and click Catalog > Products to access the Products page.

menu  Products Grid

The Products grid lists and describes all of the products in your store. You can browse through the list page by page, or search for a specific product. You can use the standard controls to sort and filter the list, and apply actions to selected products. You can also sort the courses in alphabetical order by clicking on the header of the columns. 

plus  Add a Product

Click on Add Product to create a new simple product.

If you would like to be more specific about the type of product you are creating, click on the drop down arrow beside Add Product and select your specific product type.

Types of products include: Simple product, Configurable product, Grouped product, Virtual product, Bundle product, and Downloadable product.


Click here for more information about different product types.

process-2  Actions and Actions Control

Actions refer to the list of actions which can be applied to the selected items in the product list. The benefits of using the Actions panel is that you can manage multiple products with one operation. Actions controls are the check boxes located on the first column of the products grid, used for selecting products as the target of action. 

1.  First, select your products with action controls.


2.  Then, choose the actions you would like to perform on the selected products in the actions panel.


In the actions panel drop down menu, you can select Delete, or Change status.

  • Delete: Deletes the selected product(s).
  • Change status: Allows you to 'enable' or 'disable' multiple products. 

filter  Filters

You can find your courses or products quickly by using Filters. You can input multiple measures to narrow down your filter. Click on Apply Filters once you have applied all the necessary attributes. Filter options are the attributes in the products grid, which can be customized by adding or clearing items in the columns menu.

columns  Columns

You can customize the products grid layout by adding or removing items in the Columns menu. Select the columns that are useful for organizing your products. Click Reset if you would like the grid layout to be restored to its default options. Click Cancel to cancel the operation. 

plus  Add a New View

You can add a new layout by going to Default View, clicking on the pencil icon to name the new layout and click on the right arrow to save it. After you have saved the layout, you can now switch between different grid layouts.

edit  Edit

To edit the details of a specific product, find it on the grid and click on the Edit button under the Action column to open up the product editing page. 

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Different Product Types

To complement your courses, you may want to sell other products in your Lambda Store. These types of products include: Simple product, Configurable product, Grouped product, Virtual product, Bundle product, and Downloadable product.

Simple Product (e.g. Textbooks, Study guides)

A simple product is a physical item with a single SKU. Simple products have a variety of pricing and input controls which make it possible to sell variations of the product. Simple products can also be sold under grouped, bundle, or configurable products. 


Click here to learn more about adding simple products.

Example: Agile for Instructional Designers Book


Grouped Product (e.g. Course packages)

A grouped product presents multiple, simple products as a group. This allows you to present different single products as a group for a promotion. These products can either be purchased separately, or as a group.

Configurable products cannot be added to a grouped product.


Click here to learn more about adding grouped products.

Example: Introduction to Instructional Design Grouped Classes


Virtual Product (e.g. Courses)

Most virtual products in your Lambda Store website will be the courses that you have imported from Lambda Learn. Virtual products can be used in association with grouped and bundle products. 


Click here to learn more about preparing and synchronizing your Lambda Learn courses into your Lambda Store website.

Example: 'Creating Your First Course with Articulate Storyline' Online Course


Bundle Product (i.e. 'Build Your Own' Bundle Product)

A bundle product allows customers to build their own product from an assortment of options (like configurable products packaged in a group). The bundle could include textbooks, webinars, or anything that can be customized. Each item in the bundle is its own product. All types of products can be included in a bundle, but its primary feature is configuration and customization. 

Configurable products can be added to a bundle product. 


Click here to learn more about adding bundle products.

Example: Instructional Design Bundle


Downloadable Product (e.g. eBooks, Videos, Software applications)

A digitally downloadable product consists of one or more files. The files can reside on your server, or can be provided as URLs to other servers.


Click here to learn more about adding downloadable products.

Example: Industry Report PDF


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Adding Locks to Your Products

Store administrators can control the access of certain products in the Lambda Store website through creating product locks. Once a product is locked, customers have to enter the unlock code to be able to purchase the course. Store administrators can also view which products have been unlocked by a particular customer account.

lock-1  Setting Up Unlock Codes 

1.  On the Lambda Store admin panel and click Catalog > Products to access the Products page. 

2.  Find your desired product on the grid, and click Edit in the Action column.

3.  On the product editing page, scroll down and expand the Unlock Product Code section.

4.  Enter an unlock code of your choice and click Save. 


Once you have saved the product, it becomes locked on the Lambda Store website. It now requires the unlock code to become purchasable. 

view  Viewing Unlocked Products Under a Customer Account

1.  On the Lambda Store admin panel, click Customers > All Customers to access the Customers page. 

2.  Find your desired customer account, and click Edit in the Action column.

3.  On the Customer Information sidebar, select Unlock products. 


On this page, you will be able to see all unlocked products under this customer account.

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