Adding and Managing Subscriptions

This article focuses on showing how to add and manage Stripe Subscriptions for courses and products on your Lambda Store website.

Adding Subscriptions


You will need Stripe to have access to Subscriptions. 

1.  On the Lambda Store Admin panel, click Catalog > Products to access the Products page. 

2.  Find your desired product on the grid, and click Edit in the Action column. 

3.  On the product editing page, scroll down and expand the Subscriptions by Stripe section.

Subscription Enabled: Set Subscription Enabled to Yes.

Frequency: In the drop-down menu, select a measure of time for your subscription billing cycle. 

Repeat Every: In the field, enter the numeric value of your subscription billing cycle.

Trial Days: In the field, enter a number value for the amount of trial days that a customer can access the product for, before being charged a subscription fee.

Initial Fee: In the field, enter an initial fee that you would like to charge the customer to access the subscription. This fee will be charged in addition to the product's listed store price, and the subscription fees.

You can also enter 0 if you would like to not charge a fee.

4.  Once you are complete, click Save.