Adding a Hyperlink to a Chart Dashlet

This article demonstrates how to add Hyperlinks to chart dashlets in Lambda Analytics (Zoola).

When working with chart dashlets in the Dashboard Designer, you can specify a link that opens whena  user clicks the dashlet. You can optionally include a parameter which references an existing filter in another dashlet, and uses that filter to display a specific web page relevant to the filtered information. 

1.  Right-click the dashboad name and select Open in Designer from the context menu.

2.  Right-click on the dashlet and select Properties from the context-menu.

3.  Click the Hyperlinks tab. Then, click Enabled Chart Hyperlinks to select it.

4.  Using the Action menu, select Open New Page. The Web Address/Repository URL entry bar will be displayed. 

5.  Enter "repo:/public/Samples/Reports/report_name" for the Web Address/Repository URL. To see the report's path, hover over the report's name in the Existing Content pane.

6.  Click OK.