Adding a Custom User Profile Field

The objective of this article is to provide the information needed to successfully create customized fields for a user profile. Using this information, you will be able to set up user profiles that contain data specific to your organization.

When creating users and editing user profiles, there are many profile fields already created and ready to be filled in.  These are the standard name, location, phone number, email, etc.  However, for some these standard fields will not include everything they would like. In Lambda Learn, you have the option of creating custom profile fields to include the all the information you need to.

Summary of the Steps

Before getting into the details of adding a custom user profile field or category, please note the following sections/steps.


Section 1: Navigating and Choosing the Field Type

Administrators can create custom user profile categories and fields that can appear when creating a new user account, and in the user's profile.

To access this area navigate to the Administration block > Site administration > Users > Accounts > User profile fields.

On the page that loads, select what type of field you want to add from the 'Create a new profile field:' drop down menu. The types of fields are:

  • Choice menu
  • Text area (multiple lines)
  • Text input (single line)
  • Checkbox

In this article, we are going to use an example of making a field for the user's birthday, so we will choose 'Date/Time' from the drop down menu.

Once you have selected the type of field you are creating, you will automatically be directed to the settings page for the new field.


Section 2: Configuring the Field Settings

Under the Common settings section, you will find the settings that need to be configured for all the field types.

  • Short name: This will be used to identify the field
  • Name: This will be the field name displayed on the profile page, as well as in the profile settings. Be sure to give the field a good name, so it is obvious what the information is
  • Description: This is optional. The description is purely for your own reference
  • Is this field required?: If 'Yes' is selected, the field will be a mandatory part of the profile
  • Is this field locked?: If 'Yes' is selected, once information is put in the field, the user will not be able to edit it
  • Should the data be unique?: If each user's value for the field must be different (e.g. an ID number) select 'Yes'.  In most cases, 'No' will be selected.
  • Display on signup page?: If 'Yes' is selected, the field will be on the registration/signup page
  • Who is this field visible to?: With this field, you can choose who will be able to see the field information for the user.  If 'Not visible' is selected, only the administrator will be able to see it, while if 'Visible to everyone' is selected anyone who accesses the user's profile will see the data.
  • Category: This setting determines in which section the field will appear in the profile settings.  If you have created a custom category, you can choose it here

The Specific settings section contains the settings unique to the field type chosen.

Click 'Save changes' at the bottom of the page when the field is ready.

Your new field will now appear in the list on the User profile fields page.

If you have more than one, the order in which custom profile fields appear under the associated profile category can be adjusted using the up/down arrows on the User profiles fields page (you will be automatically directed to this page after adding the new field).


Section 3: Adding a Custom Profile Field Category

In addition to custom profile fields, you can add custom categories for profile fields as well.

Navigate to Administration block > Site administration > Users > Accounts > User profile fields.

On the page that loads, click 'Create a new profile category'

Next, enter the name of the category. It has to be a unique name (the system will verify that the name is unused).  Click 'Save changes' to create the new category.