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Activity Completion

This article focuses on using the Activity Completion setting to show learner progression through a course.


Introduction to Activity Completion

Activity Completion are conditions that can be set for activities in a course, and can help contribute towards your overall course completion conditions. This can be particularly useful for learners, as it can show progression through a particular course with the use of checkboxes, which can be particularly useful for self-study modules. For instructors, this can be helpful in identifying any potential areas of concern. 

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Completion Tracking 

To enabled activity completion at a course level:

1.  On your desired course homepage, navigate to Course Administration > Edit Settings > Completion Tracking.

2.  Set Enable Completion Tracking to Yes.


3.  Once you are complete, click Save and Display. 


completion-tracking  Activity Completion Settings Tracking

Conditions are set in Activity Settings, under the Activity Completion settings. Multiple conditions can be set if necessary, which will result in the activity only being considered complete once all conditions are met. 

There are three options:


Do Not Indicate Activity Completion: Turns completion tracking off for this activity.

manuallymarkactivityopenmanuallymarkactivitycheckedUser Can Manually Mark the Activity As Completed: Allows learners to mark themselves as complete by checking the box next to the activity on the course page.  Learners can then select the checkbox to change it.

important-Feb-09-2021-06-46-47-09-PM  NOTE

Learners will be able to mark the activity as complete without having actually completed the activity. 

conditionsaremetopenconditionsaremetchecked Show Activity as Complete When Conditions Are Met: Marks a learner complete when the conditions set (which depend on the type of activity) are met. A checkmark will then appear once criteria for that particular activity have been met. 

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Activity Completion Conditions

Each activity type has completion conditions that are relevant to that activity. 

Require View: When enabled, the learner must view the activity to be marked as complete. With the Feedback and Choice activities, this setting can also be configured so that learners who submit feedback or a choice can be marked as complete. 


important-Feb-09-2021-06-46-47-09-PM  NOTE

We recommend that you only enable the Require View condition by itself, and not in combination with other criteria.

If an activity has Require View in combination with other criteria, the learner will only be marked complete if they view the activity once all the other criteria have been completed.

For example, if an activity has both Require View and Require Grade enabled, then once a learner has received a grade, they must view the activity again to trigger activity completion.

Require Grade: When enabled, the learner must receive a grade for the activity.


Require Passing Grade: When enabled, the learner must receive a passing grade for the activity. This can also be configured so that learners that have reached the maximum number of available attempts can also be marked as complete. 


Expect Completed On: When enabled, this setting specifies the date when the activity is expected to be completed. The date is not shown to learners, and is only displayed in the activity completion report. 


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Unlocking Activity Completion Conditions

Once Activity Completion details have been set and any one learner has completed the activity, completion options will become locked. 

You can unlock completion conditions and either delete or keep completion data. However, modifying activity completion criteria after some learners have already completed the activity can lead to different learners being marked as completed for different reasons.

Unlock Completion and Delete Completion Data: Delete all completion records for learners who have achieved completion in either this activity or this course. Their completion status for both this activity and this course will be recalculated and they may be marked as complete again. 

Unlock Completion and Keep Completion Data: Keep all existing completion records and accept that different users may have received their status for different accomplishments. 

You can then set new completion conditions for the activity. Once you click Save Changes, Lambda Learn will regenerate user completion data according to the new settings. 

important-Feb-09-2021-06-46-47-09-PM  NOTE

When you change completion conditions once learners have already completed the activity, these are the issues that may arise:

  • When using 'Unlock Complete and Delete Completion Data,' any previous manual completions are deleted and cannot be automatically regenerated.
  • Depending on the options chosen, learners who have previously achieved automatic completion may already meet the new criteria and immediately be marked complete.
  • When using 'Unlock Complete and Delete Completion Data,' 'Viewed' completions are deleted and cannot be automatically regenerated.
  • If you change completion options while a student is logged in, they may not see these changes immediately. 

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Activity Completion Reports

Activity Completion Reports allow you to see any activities or resources with activity completion requirements alongside a list of learners. 

important-Mar-01-2021-10-27-31-98-PM  NOTE

The Activity Completion Reports found in Lambda Learn are not derived from Lambda Analytics.  These reports are accessible to administrators and trainers that have Direct Access into the system. 

To access an Activity Completion Report, simply navigate to Course Administration > Reports > Activity Completion.


The report will list all learners enrolled in the course, alongside a corresponding checklist of course activities that they have and have not completed. This makes it easy for trainers and administrators to quickly glance down the list and and view how learners are progressing through the course. 

These reports can also be filtered alphabetically by the learner's first name or surname, using the alphabet list at the top and bottom of the page. 


export-1  Exporting Reports

To export your Activity Completion Report as a CSV File:

1.  Scroll down to the bottom of the Activity Completion Report page.

2.  Depending on your needs, click on an appropriate Download link to download your report.


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