Automated notifications and powerful completion logic for better course workflows.


A versatile Moodle plugin that facilitates interactive and asynchronous communication between users through private messaging and threaded discussions, fostering collaborative learning and engagement.

Lightbox Gallery

A user-friendly Moodle plugin that enables the creation and display of visually appealing image galleries in a responsive lightbox format, enhancing the visual presentation and interaction with images within Moodle courses.

Pcast (Podcast)

A user-friendly Moodle plugin that facilitates the creation, sharing, and management of podcast episodes within Moodle courses, offering a seamless audio learning experience for students and educators.

Medial Video Streaming Activity

A versatile Moodle plugin that enables seamless integration of Medial video streaming capabilities, empowering instructors to create interactive video-based activities and enhance multimedia learning experiences within Moodle courses.


An interactive Moodle plugin that enhances typing skills through engaging exercises, real-time feedback, and customizable typing lessons, promoting efficient and accurate keyboarding skills.

Virtual Programming Lab

A comprehensive Moodle plugin that offers a virtual programming environment, enabling students to practice coding and execute programming exercises directly within Moodle.

Offline Quiz

A versatile Moodle plugin that enables instructors to create and conduct quizzes in offline environments, allowing learners to complete assessments without internet connectivity and later sync the results with the Moodle platform.

Consent Form

This module allows trainers to hide/reveal course elements in dependence of a consent form agreement/refusal.


A comprehensive suite of Moodle plugins and solutions developed by Brickfield Education Labs, offering enhanced functionality and tools to enhance the teaching and learning experience within Moodle.


A comprehensive Moodle plugin that enables seamless integration with Cisco WebEx, facilitating virtual meetings, webinars, and collaborative sessions within Moodle courses.


Adds interactive and engaging game-based learning activities to Moodle courses, promoting student participation and knowledge retention.

Group Choice

A convenient plugin for Moodle that empowers instructors to create and manage group-based activities, allowing students to select their preferred groups for collaborative projects and discussions.

Group Select

Facilitates the easy selection and management of groups within Moodle, simplifying group creation, membership assignment, and group-based activities.


A powerful Moodle plugin that helps instructors identify and reach out to students who have become disengaged, providing tools and insights to foster student retention and active participation in the learning process.


A comprehensive Moodle plugin that facilitates appointment scheduling and management, allowing instructors and students to schedule, book, and manage one-on-one or group appointments within Moodle.


A versatile Moodle plugin that allows the creation of subcourses, enabling instructors to organize and manage nested courses within Moodle, providing a hierarchical structure for modular learning experiences.