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An LMS gives learning a home—a Smart LMS brings together secure cloud hosting, in-depth training, single-sourced content curation, an eCommerce storefront, Salesforce integration, fully configurable theming and branding, and insightful reporting and analysis. A Smart LMS isn’t just a home, it’s a mansion.

Open Source Learning Management Experts

Moodle Service Provider

Configurable Branded Theme

Complete access and capability to configure the appearance of your LMS—the Lambda Liquid theme gives you the power to let your LMS reflect your brand and values through fully configurable colours, slideshows, icons, marketing spots, menu structures, and login screens.


Reporting & Analytics

Gain access to all of your LMS data—Zoola Analytics enables you to configure, filter, analyze, and visualize your learner data. Create Reports to schedule and refresh, and bring them together in engaging executive Dashboards to track trends across your LMS.


Course Shopping Cart & Checkout

Create a storefront to house your course catalog—LMSCheckout provides a configurable environment where users can browse, purchase, and automatically enrol in your LMS courses in just a few clicks. Your course catalog becomes a cloud-hosted, fully accessible and marketable branded eCommerce presence.


Digital Media Library

Host, create, and store your media content in one centralized cloud environment—Digital Media Library gives you full control over your metadata, streaming coordination, LMS integration, and supporting materials. Your content is genuinely at your fingertips throughout your LMS.


Salesforce CRM Integration

Seamlessly integrate your entire Salesforce roster with your LMS—single-sign-on Salesforce Integration with Moodle and Totara allows your workforce, customer, and partner data to connect directly with your learning and training environments.

Easy Deployment

Training for Managers & Admins

Grow your comfort levels and experience working with your LMS—Moodle & Totara Administrator and Manager training provides a holistic blended learning experience covering course creation, LMS administration, and the specific tips and tricks to bring your LMS to life.

Zoola Analytics

Zoola Analytics is an LMS reporting and analytics solution that provides you with more control over your data, out-of-the-box reports, time spend learning data, ad hoc analysis, interactive executive dashboards, and on-demand export and report scheduling.

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“What really triggered me and had me impressed was not just Totara’s rich feature set but Lambda’s outstanding customer service. There were prompt responses which is integral when you want to successfully implement a learning management system.”

PEGGY KIMMEL | Training and Development Manager, Step Energy

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