May 10 2016

Zoola Analytics: Our New Name for Moodle and Totara LMS Reporting Solution

Written by Stewart Rogers

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Zoola-Stacked-Colour_1.pngGenerating insights from Moodle and Totara elearning solutions is now fast and easy with the new release of Lambda Solutions’ LMS reporting and analytics tool. Formerly named Analytika, version 4.1 of Zoola™ Analytics provides Lambda customers and partners using both Moodle and Totara LMS the ability to dig deeper into learner data, generate full insights into learning programs, and generate customizable, exportable reports quickly! 

With over 600 deployments under our belt, customer feedback made it clear that reporting and access to data was a major gap with the current native reporting functionality and plug-ins available in Moodle and Totara LMS.

Zoola™ Analytics bridges this gap, by providing robust reporting, interactive dashboards and ad-hoc query capabilities for adminstrators, trainers, managers and students. It also provides automation, and easy ways to distribute information within your organization, linking together the value of your training and learning investment.

Zoola provides Moodle and Totara administrators the ability to eliminate hours of effort required to report on eLearning usage and outcomes, such as course activity, progress, effectiveness, and more.

The release of Lambda Zoola is another milestone in Lambda’s journey to deliver the best reporting and analytics solution for your LMS. Equipped with new features, capabilities, and updates, Zoola Analytics comes with a series of new reports designed to monitor forum activity, as well as track certificates, grades, and completion statuses across courses.


To learn more about Lambda Zoola™, check out our eBook, Advanced Reporting in Moodle and Totara LMS with Lambda Zoola™. 

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