February 20 2012

What's New in Moodle 2.2. Your Moodle is Mobile

Written by Jim Yupangco

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Mobile Moodle 2.x eLearning LMS. Creative Commons image from Flickr user opensourcewayTime flies and since our last newsletter where we discussed the many benefits of moving to Moodle 2.1, we would like to update you with a quick overview of the best enhancements in Moodle 2.2.

With custom mobile themes, improvements to iOS5, and the Moodle App, your Moodle courses are more portable than ever.

  • Advanced Grading - Rubrics - Rubrics is the first plugin of a new 'Advanced Grading' plugin type. It currently works for Assignments and will be extended across all modules. Here is a nice video demonstration of Rubric Grading with Moodle 2.2 by Mary Cooch
  • Moodle Mobile Theme - Moodle 2.1 introduced the ability to select different themes for different devices, and now with 2.2 a standard theme in core is custom-designed for smartphone browser screens. When users visit your Moodle site on a small screen they'll see a completely different layout, that can be optimized for small touchscreens by MyMobile Theme.
  • Learning Tool Interoperability – Moodle supports the embedding of learning objects that support IMS Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI 1.1). This opens up plug & play use of a growing amount of interactive content. LTI is the ultimate “write once, run anywhere” mash-up solution for educational apps. Here is a great video discussion on Learning Tool Interoperability
  • Common Cartridge Import – Support to import courses that use this standard for packaging learning content is now available for Moodle 2.2.

Moodle profiles now supports globally recognized avatars Gravatars

Other enhancements

  • TinyMCE editor supports Safari on iPad/iPhone with iOS5
  • Conditional activities can be made available at an exact time
  • Mobile app enables download of all resources for offline viewing
  • Navigation block links to topic/weekly sections
  • Option to upload users to a cohort, and to add users to a cohort in bulk and more
  • Course listings can optionally display course short name everywhere
  • Activity descriptions can be displayed on course homepages
  • SCORM AICC improvements to handling of external AICC packages
  • SCORM reporting improvements including a new SCORM interactions report
  • Choice of which fields (email, department, etc.) are shown in a lists of students

More details in the Moodle 2.2 release notes

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