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Evaluating the Impact of eLearning - Kirkpatrick's Model

Moodle 3.0 Comes Equipped with PHP 7.0 Compatibility


The LMS Reporting and Learning Analytics Gap

LMS Analytics

Integrating a Learning Library with Moodle LMS

LMS Trends

2016's Top 10 Big Disruptions in HR Technologies - Part 2

2016's Top 10 Big Disruptions in HR Technologies - Part 1

Lambda Solutions Top 5 Blog Posts of 2015

New Release - Advanced LMS Reporting & Analytics

LMS Analytics

Advanced Reporting for Moodle LMS is Finally Here

LMS Analytics

An Advanced LMS Reporting Solution for Moodle

LMS Analytics

6 Things to Look for in a High-Value LMS

LMS Tips, Totara Learn, Moodle

Why Moodle is the World’s Best LMS

The 3 LMS Features that Increase Employee Engagement

Learner Engagement

Moodle Reporting Features | What’s Available & How to Get More

LMS Analytics

The Future of Totara LMS

Totara Learn

Why Blended Learning is Effective

Learner Engagement, LMS Trends, Totara Learn, Moodle

Moodle Plugins – The Face-to-Face Plugin

Blended Learning Outperforms Non-Blended Classrooms

Making a Profit from Moodle

Customer Relationship Management

Competency Based Training in Moodle

Google Apps Integration in Moodle


Webinar Features & Integrations

Plagiarism Plugins for Moodle

Lambda Solutions will be attending DevLearn 2015 Conference & Expo

Survey's and Feedback in Moodle


Using Badges in Moodle


Games and Gamification in Moodle


Moodle's Advanced Features: Moodle Mobile

Moodle's Advanced Features: Communicating in Moodle

Advanced Moodle Features: Multimedia Capabilities

Moodle Installation Guide Pt 2 | Moodle Course Creation & Management

LMS Tips

Moodle Installation Guide Pt 1 | Planning for Success

LMS Tips

Moodle LMS Reporting is on its Way

LMS Analytics

Why Governments want Open Source Software

Keeping Moodle Innovative with the POET Working Group

Corporate e-Learning Gamification: A Case Study

How to Create a Moodle Quiz

LMS Tips

Lambda Partners with for Seamless Integration in Moodle

How to Enroll Students into a Moodle Course

LMS Tips

Totara Cloud on its Way for Small Learning Environments

Totara Learn

How to Set up a Moodle course

LMS Tips

How to Add & Upload Users to Moodle

LMS Tips

MoodleCloud | Free Moodle Hosting for Single Classroom Installations


How to Install Moodle for Mac

LMS Tips

How to Install Moodle LMS for Windows

LMS Tips

7 Extended Features of Totara LMS (Moodle for Business)

Totara Learn

Saylor Academy | I Heart Moodle Series

4 Ways Moodle is Used for Nonprofit Organizations

9 Ways Moodle is Used for Education

LMS Tips

Solving the Reporting Problem in Moodle & Totara LMS

LMS Analytics

5 Ways Moodle is Used for Healthcare

10 Ways Moodle is Used for Business

OpenSesame Content Integration with Totara Learning Management Systems

What is Moodle LMS?

Luke's Place | I Heart Moodle Series

Children's Hospital of Wisconsin| I Heart Moodle Series

LMS Analytics

Adoptive Families of BC | I Heart Moodle Series

Why You Should Upgrade to Moodle 2.9


Share your Story in the I Heart Moodle Contest!

Multitenancy with Totara and Moodle

Totara Learn

Top 9 Improvements Coming with Moodle 2.9


Moodle 2.9 Pre-Release Announcement


How MOOC's Can Benefit Both Students, and Post-Secondary Institutions

Lambda Solutions Will Be Attending ATD 2015

Industry-Leading LMS vs. Talent Management LMS

Lambda Analytika Reporting for Learning Management Systems

LMS Analytics

Online Learning to Solve US Teacher Shortage

Top 10 Global Human Capital Trends for 2015 | Part 2

Top 10 Global Human Capital Trends for 2015 | Part 1

LMS Market Overview | 2015

6 Expert Insights into Corporate Learning Trends

LMS Trends

6 Reasons Why Everyone Loves Moodle 2.8

5 Tips to Inspire and Engage Online Learners

Mythbusters, the Blended Learning Edition

LMS Trends

How to Use the Face to Face Plugin for Blended Learning in Moodle

LMS Trends

2015's Top 10 Trends in HR, Talent and Learning Strategies—Part 2

2015's Top 10 Trends in HR, Talent and Learning Strategies—Part 1

5 Insights into Workplace Social Learning Technologies

2014’s Top three Innovations in eLearning Pedagogy

LMS Trends, LMS Analytics

Getting Started with eLearning Gamification - Components


3 Tips to Succeed as an Instructional Designer

Gamification vs. Game Based Learning in eLearning

Start-ups a Key Contributor in the Rapidly Growing eLearning Market

LMS Trends

The Top 10 Benefits of Online Training Part 2

The Top 10 Benefits of Online Training Part 1

Dealing with Cheating: A Moodle Plagiarism Plugin

Mobile Learning: How Advanced is your Organization?

Rising Costs of Healthcare & the Role of eLearning Technology

Why Top Organizations are Choosing Open Source LMS?

Gamification in eLearning: What is it and Why do I want it?

The Top 10 Human Capital Trends of 2014 Part 2

The Top 10 Human Capital Trends of 2014

Shai Reshef: Changing the World through Disruptive Education

Everything you need to know about SCORM

Navigating the LMS and TMS Market in 2015

Totara Learn

Top 10 Moodle Plugins of 2014

5 ways the Healthcare Cloud is Improving Patient Outcomes

2015’s Top 10 Disruptive Innovations in HR Technology Part 2

2015’s Top 10 Disruptive Innovations in HR Technology

3 Benefits of Managed Cloud Hosting

3 Best Practices for Mobile eLearning

LMS Trends

Big Data & Education - Making eLearning Data-Driven

3 Reasons Why SaaS HRMS are a Superior Solution

Totara Learn

Hindsight, Insight, Foresight: The Reporting Maturity Curve Part 1

LMS Analytics

EdTech Thought Leadership - Competency Based Learning

LMS Trends

Technology Impact on Learning: Analytics, Video

LMS Analytics

Facebook and Google Align to Improve Open Source Software

How to Increase Employee Engagement with an LMS

Learner Engagement, Totara Learn

Moodle Voted the Best LMS in Top 100 Tools for Learning Survey

Totara Learn

3 Tips for Creating Video in eLearning

5 Reasons Why eLearners Want Video


Talent Management System ROI

LMS Analytics

Understanding Responsive Design for eLearning

Retention Strategies for Healthcare Organizations

Cost Reduction Strategies for HR Healthcare Professionals


The Learning Management System Market Today

HR Survey Results: Service Delivery and Technology Trends

The Benefits of Online Learning for Introverts

LMS Trends

Innovation Needed in Healthcare

LMS Trends

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