September 29 2008

Moodle, Moodle, Moodle....

Written by Jim Yupangco

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Potential clients often ask me what Moodle is, and since it is a large part of what we do, I decided to take this time and explain Moodle a bit. Moodle is an Open Source Learning Management System. To understand Moodle, let's first define Open Source. You know when you have to pay for software when you buy it from a shop, whether it's a game, a utility or accounting software, most likely you've paid for it. What you're actually paying for is the licensing fee of these software; Open Source, on the other hand, are software created by developers who wants to make the world a better place, and offer the fruits of their labour at no cost to the average Joe. Translated, Open Source is free.
Now, let's define Learning Management System, a LMS allows you to create, deliver, and track content on the web. Let's say you're a world renowned expert in the "Star Wars" universe. You decide you're going to create a course to teach people how to speak Wookie (the language Chewbacca speaks), the LMS allows you to decide how you want to deliver your course, manage the delivery mechanism and track to see who your star student is in speaking Wookie.
That is essentially Moodle in a nutshell, an Open Source LMS for people to use. However, it's not as easy as it sounds, and that's where our business steps in, we do Moodle Customization (making it look good and fit with your website), Moodle Integration (making it talk to your existing infrastructures), Moodle Hosting (so you don't have to worry about hardware upgrad and trouble shooting), Moodle Support (so if you are doing your own hosting and things go crazy, we've got your back), and Moodle Training (what good is a LMS if you can't get people to use it properly ?)
So if you are into exploring the possibilities of Moodle and how it can help your organization, talk to us.

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