November 20 2013

Moodle 2.6 is Released!

Written by Lambda Solutions

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Moodle 2.6 brings dozens of improvements to Moodle, building off the exciting features of Moodle 2.5 including badges and responsive design themes. Moodle 2.6 improvements and fixes primarily fall into two basic categories: usability improvements that improve how Moodle functions from a user point of view and performance improvements that allow Moodle to run faster and better in a wider range of software environments.

Usability improvements: Some of the usability improvements include new interfaces for editing course activities and resources, a cleaned up WYSIWYG text editor, and the ability to annotate PDF assignments within Moodle. There is also a new course format that allows you to make any activity a standalone course.

Performance improvements: While providing a better user experience, your hardware will be more efficient running Moodle 2.6 than previous Moodle 2.x versions. New options for handling sessions using backends like memcached, full support for PHP OPcache, faster admin menus, improvements on MS SQL and Maria DB and more.

Moodle headquarters has created som great resources to help you dig deeper into the new features: screenshots showing top new features, and a youtube playlist of videos of main new features.

At Lambda Solutions we have been testing and using Moodle 2.6. Please contact us if you would like a demo and overview of how Moodle 2.6 can meet your needs.

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