September 28 2015

Making a Profit from Moodle

Written by Lambda Solutions

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Time and effort put into the development of eLearning programs is significant. This has moved many organizations to put pressure on eLearning departments to become either cost-neutral or profit centers; meaning courses developed need to be sold. To help facilitate this, there are many Moodle Plugins to help you do so. PayPal was the first Ecommerce plugin that enabled transactions directly from Moodle but there are now additional integrations that provide modern online payment options.


LMSCheckout is a full course ecommerce solution that integrates with Moodle, with a full shopping cart functionality for organizations and institutions that allows for easy marketing of paid, or free courses. With eCommerce integrations like LMSCheckout, users can spend less time focussin on paperwork with easy publishing of courses and enrolment of learners. You can also sell single classes, or subscriptions. 


The Moodle Paypal Enrolment plugin allows you to administer courses that have to be paid for before access is gained. The Moodle PayPal plugin must be added by an administrator or manager and an individual price can be added for the course if need be. If operating on Moodle 2.5 and onwards, all currencies supported in Paypal can be set. When a user clicks to access the course through a course link, they will be redirected to a PayPal page that prompts them for payment. Once payment has been made, both student and teacher will be notified and access is automatically given.

Course Merchant

Course Merchant is an eCommerce integration designed for Moodle so you can sell courses, market courses and manage courses online. This eCommerce integration for Moodle provides all features that users would expect to see when shopping online. The sophisticated shopping cart is capable of processing tax, selecting multiple courses shown in line items and providing fields for flexible discount voucher/coupon codes. Additional features include:

  • Instant student enrollment with single sign-on access to courses upon successful purchase

  • Multiple payment methods

  • Bundled products to enroll a learner onto multiple courses in a single purchase

  • Multiple-seat purchasing for corporate buyers with self-service seat allocation

  • Configurable registration fields to capture registrant data for various systems

  • Single seat purchasing with instant or delayed enrollment

  • Options for custom and offline payment like ‘Pay by Invoice'


2Checkout is another eCommerce plugin for Moodle that provides much of the same functionality as course merchant and intended for those wanting to reach an international market. With a welcoming user-experience, 2Checkout is a mobile-friendly and responsive shopping cart designed for any device. Features for the 2Checkout eCommerce include:

  • Multiple payment methods including all major credit cards, debit cards and PayPal

  • 25 currencies and 15 different languages

  • Highest level of industry-standard fraud protection

  • Recurring purchases for billing exactly when you need - monthly, weekly annually

  • Mobile optimized checkout so customers can purchase securely from any device

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