January 13 2016

Integrating a Learning Library with Moodle LMS

Written by Nimritta P.

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5a649d1a-opened-final-orange_0d803o0d803o000000OpenEd.com, the world’s largest archive of free K-12 educational material, recently announced that their library of over a million resources will now be integrated with select learning management systems, including Moodle LMS.

OpenEd.com remains diligent in their commitment to provide the best online resources to teachers and instructors, either on their site or their customer’s sites. This is made clear through their offerings, which include lesson plans, homework, worksheets, games, videos, audio, and assessments, all designed to assist educators with implementing blended learning approaches in their programs.

Their resources cover a wide range of topics, including Basic Math for Kids, Speaking in Complete Sentences, What is Personification, and Using Illustrations to Help Understand Text Instructional Video, just to name a very select few.

OpenEd.com is used by over 280,000 teachers, and this new integration (with single sign-on access) will open up the resource library to an even wider audience. Moodle alone has over 81 million users, and it is only one of the learning management systems that is included in the new integration. 

Lambda Solutions is currently partnered with two content marketplaces - lynda.com and OpenSesame. Check out more about our course offerings on our Course Catalogue page. 



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