December 19 2008

Deleting Courses In Moodle

Written by Jim Yupangco

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In response to our Moodle Mondays the following questions was asked by a participant:

When I delete an account, I know that the grade records are still kept with the class. How can I access the records with the account gone or unassigned from the class?
Furthermore, by deleting a class, would the students' grades also be erased?

Here is the answer as we see it:

You might have to reassign the student back to the class in order to get that info. A way to avoid this is to run the course as a new course every term or semester. Simply backup the old course without user info and then restore it as a new course.

If you delete a course all of the students grades go with it as well. You should back up and archive the course before deleting. Our completion module permanently stores the users grades.

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