February 12 2013

Corporate Training of the Future Unveiled at Canada Moodlemoot 2013

Written by Shevy Levy

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Canada Moodlemoot 2013

We're excited to be at Canada Moodlemoot 2013 in Vancouver alongside our colleagues clients and new friends. Here's the latest news we'd like to share with the media as well as our partners, new and old.

Moodle Conference in Vancouver showcases revolution in eLearning capabilities

VANCOUVER – At CanadaMoot 13, one of Canada’s premier learning conferences of 2013 happening this week in Vancouver, eLearning solution providers Lambda Solutions and Totara will show how the corporate world can use technology to boost their businesses.

Corporate training through online learning management solutions has already helped millions of employees and executives train on the job and keep the economy humming – but until now, many of these systems have been expensive, inflexible and clunky. Taking a page out of the open source revolution in online learning that has already happened at the K-12 and university level, firms are going with solutions that build on the already-popular open source Moodle Learning Management Solution (LMS).

“Corporate leaders and IT departments are more and more interested in Moodle for delivering a wide range of training options, from teaching sales scripts and safety protocols to C-level executive project management,” says Jim Yupangco, Vancouver-based Lambda Solutions’ co-founder and VP of Research & Development. Yupangco will deliver a presentation on “Totara-Moodle for Corporate Training” at the conference alongside Totara VP Willem Boom. Lambda Solutions is the sole Canadian partner for Totara, which specializes in delivering the world's most popular learning management platform for the corporate sector.

“One of the biggest advantages we’ve seen for our clients is the great reduction in costs decrease in costs, by as much as 70-80 percent less than what they were paying with a proprietary LMS,” Boom says. Those kinds of savings mean corporate clients from small firms to Fortune 500 companies can provide more on the job training, making companies more effective – and competitive.

The cost savings are only one side of a phenomenon that may be spurring a new commitment by many companies to improving training options in unprecedented ways. “With large proprietary LMS systems, corporate clients might only use maybe half or less than half of all the features, but they’re paying for all of them,” Boom says. “If they turn to Totara and Lambda Solutions, any features they don't have right away, we can build on the product roadmap. The trade off has been very positive.”

The bi-annual Moodle user conference for Canada where Lambda Solutions and Totara are presenting brings together more than 100 speakers and an expected 375 attendees from across the country to discuss a wide variety of learning topics in 60 sessions over the 3 days. Topics include: teaching without textbooks, open textbooks and other learning resources, distance education for aboriginal communities, community plagiarism detection, integrating social media with education, and much more.

Moodle is one of the most popular learning management systems. It is being used in 227 countries by 75,000 customers to serve more than 65 million students. Because it is open source, Moodle generates user interest from educators, which makes the business model unique.

About Lambda Solutions

Lambda Solutions is an Authorized Moodle Partner and a Totara Partner. The company provides Moodle implementation services, managed hosting, systems integration and technical support. We believe in keeping Moodle open and providing our customers the flexibility and responsive expert support they deserve.

Lambda Solutions offers its Education and Corporate clients Moodle and Totara implementation, managed hosting, systems integration, and training services. The company provides a full range of services for the Open Source Moodle Learning Management System and Totara LMS. Lambda has been working with Moodle since 2003 and is an Authorized Moodle Partner. Lambda provides customization, hosting, and technical support to help schools, higher education, corporations, and government organizations deploy Moodle easily and cost effectively.

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