5 Reasons Why eLearners Want Video

September 17, 2014

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Video currently accounts for 47% of global internet traffic and is expecting to rise to 86% by 2016. People of all ages are watching online video for news, entertainment and learning. While youth between the ages of 18-24 constitute the largest demographic of online video consumers (91% of them!), adults 55 and up are consuming video in record proportions (84%). Whether you are an education institution looking to add video to lectures or online courses, or an enterprise looking to make training and development more engaging—here are 5 reasons why eLearners want video in their learning experiences.

1. Video Resonates with Viewers

Not just any video of course, but video that is succinct, engaging and clear. Video resonates with users because it allows users to benefit from a more engaging sensory experience. This is very important in eLearning environments where face-to-face interaction is minimal. Breaking up eLearning modules with clips of narratives, documentaries or interviews is a great way to address teaching objectives in a memorable way.

2. Video Allows Learners to be in Control of their Own Learning

With a selection of video content on a particular topic, eLearners can choose what interests them most. Putting eLearners in even more control, video allows you to stop, rewind, pause and even jump forward to particular spots in a clip. New technologies like interactive scripts allow learners to read through the transcript of video and select talking points they want to view again. Gone are the days of not being able to keep up with a babbling professor or trainer!

3. Video Utilizes the Ubiquity of Handheld Devices

In today’s day and age, we seem to always been connected. Whether that’s a good thing or not is surely up to debate but bus rides and transiting are no longer spent staring out windows. Instead, attention is moving to our screens where we can watch course content on portable devices like smartphones and tablets.

4. Video Enhances eLearning Experiences

Traditional lecture and classroom settings can be a great way to learn but engagement and pace is largely in control of the educator—not the student. This is great when you have teachers who inspire rather than bore but I think we can all look back to our education and recognize that there were only a handful of teachers who really stole our attention. Honing in on those inspirational educators, there has been tremendous growth in online video resources that can be used time and time again. Video is also extremely helpful when teaching techniques or skills that the learner will one day have to apply. Examples of subjects that this may apply to are medicine, physical education, music and trades.

5. eLearning with Video can Happen Anytime, Anywhere

With mobile devices and 4G/LTE networks, video can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Education institutions and corporations are utilizing video to provide on demand teaching. With mobile video, students and employees can access learning materials that provide immediate solutions to challenges they are facing. Since they are applying what they are learning as they learn it, they are more likely to remember what they have learnt and know the situations that it can apply to.

Now that you understand WHY it is beneficial to incorporate video into your eLearning courses, check out our webinar on how to best utilize video with your current learning management system: 

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Sell, market, manage, and scale your eLearning all in one place with the brand new Lambda Suite!!

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