Moodle LMS is hands-down the most popular Learning Management System on the block.

A big reason for that is that it’s open source. Another big reason is its customizability – you can pretty much do anything you want with Moodle by building on to its open platform.

  • Moodle lets teachers, trainers and administrators manage online learning and online training.
  • The LMS can be used to conduct courses online or to support face-to-face teaching and learning.
  • It can also be extended with modules for assignments, quizzes, grading, certification, social and collaborative learning in an engaging manner.

Moodle 2.8 improves overall functionality and user experience…

Moodle 2.8 brings significant enhancements to the gradebook and overall product usability to empower teachers, users and administrators. In addition, functionality has improved for across all devices!

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Lambda Solutions’ expertise was invaluable. There are many companies that just could have done hosting, but Lambda’s flexibility, commitment and level of support when issues came up were extremely valuable.

St. Francis Xavier University

How Moodle helps you offer great opportunities for online learning

We can help you build whatever functionality you want on top of it — or use plug-ins that the enthusiastic community has developed — without you needing to deal with licensing fees.

Moodle Opportunities for Learning

Manage teachers

Give instructors the ability to provide up to 100% online instruction, using a full range of capabilities to customize content and learning paths. Enable them to manage courses, lessons and learning paths.

Manage Teachers

Manage learners

Let students build profiles and communicate with their teachers via built-in email or chat. Enable them to work in groups, do assignments and complete quizzes.

Manage Learners

Assignments and Lessons

Teachers can give assignments and lessons online and students can upload their work in a range of date-stamped formats. Teacher feedback and grading can be done right on the web page. It’s easy!

Assignments and Lessons

Give People Choices

Let students take polls about course content for instant feedback that helps instructors and administrators make their LMS even better.

Give People Choices

Give Quizzes

You need to be able to test how much your students have learned. Mix and match types of quiz questions, from short-answer to multiple choice, yes/no or more. Let them show you what they’ve got!

Give Quizzes

Get Access to all of the Learning Resources of the Internet

The Resources module lets your learners use store and create MS Word, Powerpoint, Flash, Video, Audio and other common types of content to enhance the learning experience.

Access Learning

Want to know more about Moodle?
Learn from the guy who created it

Martin Dougiamas, Founder and Director of Moodle, explains “What is Moodle” and how Moodle partners like Lambda Solutions support Moodle development.

The origins of Moodle

Martin recounts his childhood education in remote learning, how it lead to his PhD in Education and the origin of Moodle.

The future of Moodle

Filmed in February 2013, Martin talks about how e-learning best practices and trends are working their way back into Moodle to inform future development.

LMS Webinars

6 Ways to Deliver Corporate eLearning with Moodle

In this webinar we will show you 6 different ways to use Moodle for your corporate eLearning needs!

> Webinar: March 26 at 1PM ET

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The Blended Learning Breakthrough

For many organizations, the ability to offer training and development (T&D) programs that are 100% online is not practical. What is the solution then you ask? Blended learning! Watch the webinar to learn more.

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