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Disruptive HR Technology

Less than a week ago Bersin by Deloitte published a 22-page report, HR Technology for 2015: Ten Big Disruptions Ahead, which provides insight into the largest HR technology trends for 2015 and how organizations can keep up. With the HR software market growing past the $15 billion mark this year, venture capitalists and top-tier talent […]

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While ‘the cloud’ is widely talked about, many organizations still have yet to realize and understand the benefits of managed cloud hosting. What is managed cloud hosting you ask? In order to fully understand managed cloud hosting, we must first understand what the cloud is. And no, contrary to the belief of some, the cloud is not a data center located […]

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e-learning title and Tablet PC

Mobile activity and thus mobile learning is growing at a rapid pace.  Wherever you are, take a second to look up (likely from your phone or tablet) and I’m sure you will notice that the majority of people are looking down at their phones—especially if you’re on the bus. To give you an idea of […]

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Big Data in eLearning and education—to some Big Data may seem like a foreign topic related only to high-tech industries. But, as education technologies and learning management systems begin to advance, so too is our data on user activities and experiences within learning technologies. As Big Data becomes more complex in education and eLearning; tools […]

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A report released late last week by Forrester Research identifies key trends in the HR Management Systems (HRMS) market—namely, the shift to System as a Service (SaaS) HRMS and how this is positively impacting the organizations. Lambda Solutions offers full-service learning and talent management solutions for organizations of every shape and size. We found Forrester’s […]

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Using Reporting to Discover Hindsight (Part 1) Here at Lambda Solutions we are preparing to move seeking clients through the proverbial maturity curve of reporting. When speaking to organizations about their learning and/or talent management challenges, time and time again we hear that reporting is pain-point.  Specifically, being able to effectively report on the progress […]

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michael b horn

Michael B. Horn on Disruptive Innovation in Higher Education: How online competency based learning is changing the higher education landscape   We recently had the pleasure to interview Michael B. Horn, Co-founder and Executive Director of Education at the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation. If you are new to innovation in higher education, Michael […]

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In Salman Khan’s TedTalk, “Let’s use video to reinvent education”—he provides ground-breaking arguments as to why technologies like video and learning analytics are flipping classrooms and creating more humanized learning experiences. Yes, this seems counterintuitive—technology as an enabling force for creating more humanized spaces; but once you hear his story through you will understand why! […]

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Last week the Talk Openly, Develop Openly (TODO) initiative was launched by a group of 10 leading technology firms including Google, Facebook, Twitter and Khan Academy. The TODO project is open to all members of the open source community and aims to work together to overcome the challenges of large and decentralized open source projects. […]

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